New Logos: The Alchemist and Brilliant Mind


Both of these are 3D logos, they were made in Blender and rendered in Element 3D (A plugin for Adobe After Effects) and what’s awesome about them is that both of them are completely animated! That’s right, not only do they look cool as a picture, but they look even better in movement! You can check them out in the Logo Design section or view the animated versions after the jump.

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New Stock Website: The Madness.

The Madness

A long time in production, this is page is product of the collaborative efforts of ReDCroW Design and Evil Planet Studios.

Click HERE to watch it!

The Madness is unlike any other website you’ve seen so far. With beautifully animated, dynamic scenarios and characters, The Madness is a fully animated, custom-built website template specifically tailored for the haunting industry. This website template is totally cross-browser and cross-platform; it’s designed to work on Desktops, iPads, iPhones and even slow connections, offering your viewers the next level of digital eyecandy for any device they decide to watch it on. Unlike most flash websites, The Madness counts with a search engine optimized design that will give you maximum exposure for a fully animated website. Not only that, but the flash portion can also be easily edited through the same WordPress interface! The gorgeous visuals are accompanied by catchy, movie quality sound effects and an organic, immersive musical score that will swamp you into a dark, insane universe.

What this template includes:

  • Logo Design, made completely from scratch (No fonts were used in the making of this logo).
  • Intro & page animation, all done with pre-rendered 3D graphics, some are sculpted from scratch, others are stock models with heavily modified textures. Some textures sizes are up to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels!
  • iPad/Low-Bandwidth version Intro.
  • Responsive WordPress template for tablets and smartphones
  • Flash header and HTML header.
  • Heavily modified WordPress template that enables the user to edit the page AND the flash content!
  • Additional custom graphics (social networking buttons, map calendar and Gallery)
  • Character animation (Live character shot on green screen).
  • Sound effects design for both, the intro and the flash page animation.
  • Musical Score design specifically made for this page (short and extended versions).
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
  • Viewable on desktops,smartphones and tablets.
  • Low-Bandwidth version for slow connections.
  • Customizable 1 minute YouTube/TV commercial (customization comes free with the purchase and includes change of text only).
  • 3 different poster/flyer designs in 14” x 23”, 16” x 25” and 19” x 11” (300 DPI)!

Price:$ 6,200 USD ??? Contact me to discuss price if you’re interested!

Customization services:

  • Changing the logo…………………………………………..FREE
  • Changing menu elements…………………………….$ 50 USD (each)
  • Adding new menu elements……………………………….$ 120 USD (each)
  • Changing the taglines in the intro…………………………FREE
  • Changing the taglines/phrases in the commercial………FREE
  • Changing the color scheme……………………………….$ 150 USD
  • Adding new “pages” to the Flash version………………..$ 150 USD (each)

Contact us to order:

New Songs!: 7 New Songs Added to the Audio & Music Design Portfolio.

Seven new songs have been added to the portfolio. Look for them in the Audio & Music Design page, they are the last 7 ones, or listen to the whole playlist if you haven’t already. These are old songs I had lying around in my disc in random folders. I took them to the copyright office 2 days ago along with other things I was going to copyright (stay tuned for new surprises!) and decided to post them for everyone to enjoy. Let me know in the comments down below what you think about them!

New Logo And Website For Free But Sharp Pain (Japanese Music Band)

New and awesome logo and website designed for Free But Sharp Pain, a Japanese rock band duo with a great voice and a phenomenal bass line whose musical style I really like.
With a visual theme reminiscent of Return of the Living Dead, this website comes in two languages; English and Japanese. Head on to the logo design section to see the logo or the web design section to take a look at their website and stay tuned for new surprises.

New Logo!

It may not sound very exciting but there’s a new awesome logo. You can take a good look at it in the Logo design section, if you want the boring version. But if you want to see this logo in all its glory, you must see it animated. Yes, this logo was designed and animated from scratch for the Australian film production company CCE13, better known as Cunningham Clan Entertainment who by the way got their website revamped recently. Visit the Video section at Evil Planet Studios to watch the logo in movement!

Cunningham Clan Entertainment Website Revamp

New website revamp for the Australian film production company Cunningham Clan Entertainment, who are on the brink of releasing their first feature film, called Foresight Killer Instinct, by talented Australian director Duncan Cunningham, which will premiere on October 5th in Ipswich. For more information on the release visit or And to take a look at this and many other websites by ReDCroW design visit my Web Design page.

ReDCroW Design and Evil Planet Studios Revamped.

By now you may have noticed the brand-new website image for ReDCroW design and Evil Planet Studios. Even though the new image is way simpler than the old one, the website functionality is greater and the flexibility of this layout has also been improved, so expect a lot of new things to come!

As part of the new changes and improvements to ReDCroW design and Evil Planet Studios you can now post comments and questions in these news items, so feel free to write your thoughts about the new image in the comments section.

Also, since my time was limited to build this new page the xtras and secret sections were completely removed due to lack of interest from the general public but they might come back later in a different form.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!