Fatally Wounded

Fatally Wounded

Fatally Wounded is ReDCroW Design‘s second album. The style in this one is very cinematic and atmospheric. Plagued with metallic noises, dark and deep basses, bright accents, a rhythmic percussion and eventual scares. Fatally Wounded is a horror inspired, soundtrack-like album, originally meant to musicalize several different shorts from Evil Planet Studios. Some of them never came to fruition and the songs remained unused, which delayed the release of the album. In the end I was hired by an Australian film company and most of the songs in this album were used to score the film (see Foresight Killer Instinct).
You can download the entire album for free under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license*.

 *If you don’t agree with the license you may not download these songs.

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This album is completely free but if you enjoyed the music please consider donating to support my talent:

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