This is a webtemplate I like to call 'HUMUS', it is composed by bitmaps and flash, it has an animated header and menu, which as you can see has sounds. I decided to go light with the sounds on the home page to not overwhelm the viewer. But I can add sound effects/music on request for a small fee.
The page title (in this case the word 'NEWS' on top) is going to change every time you change the page, right now this template does not count with any more pages, it's just this one, so all the elements that are supposed to be on the other pages like the gallery, the contact page, and others are right here. To separate the topics, news, items... whatever, there will be rulers, such as this one:

When the content area is overflown it will  feature a useful scroll bar as the one you see on the right, it has custom colors but it only can be viewed on I.E. But if you need I can make custom cross-browser scroll bars for an extra fee, this scroll bars will match the overall theme of the website but they also will rise the cost.

For the gallery I made special frames for the thumbnails which can hold 110 px thumbnail pics:

And last, but not least: the back button, place it wherever you need:

Send me an e-mail for more information about this web template.